Livestream worship will continue at 10am.

Rebroadcast at 6pm.

Please register by close of business each Thursday to reserve your seat at either 8am or 10am Worship Service.

To avoid overcrowding in the sanctuary, we ask that you:

1. register for in-person worship using the calendar below

2. Consider attending our 8am worship service instead of at 10am

Due to precautionary measures in place, the Sanctuary will now accommodate 80 people at each Worship Service.

We want everyone to remain safe as we worship together.

You may also call the office at 718-526-4775 to register

Learn more about our Reopening Plan

May 2022
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We are asking you to take the following precautionary measures to ensure the safety of everyone.


  • DO register for Worship Service each week by using the calendar above or inform the office of your attendance by calling 718-526-4775 before close of day Thursday. This is necessary to reserve your seat at either 8 am or 10 am Worship Service.
  • DO wear mask at all times.
  • DO get a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • DO consider attending the 8am service to avoid overcrowding at 10am.
  • DO continue to practice social distancing.
  • DO follow the instructions of the ushers and ambassadors – they are for your safety.
  • If you take small children DO allow them to sit with you during worship.
  • DO use hand-sanitizers provided through-out the Sanctuary.


  • DO NOT greet others with hand shake or hugs but rather with a gently nod, reverent bow or by waving.
  • DO NOT gather at the Narthex, bathroom or the doorways.
  • For safety reasons, we are discouraging personal contact and therefore ask that you DO NOT attempt to shake hands with the Pastors at the door. They are available to you nonetheless. Please call the church office to schedule an appointment.
  • Stay home if you have a fever, cough, are symptomatic or have been around anyone with a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis in the las 14 days. DO NOT show up for Worship Service, please enjoy our livestream from home.
  • Seniors and persons with underlying medical conditions, DO NOT attend worship but instead continue to worship with First church online.
  • DO NOT expect Coffee Hour – this is on hold until further notice
  • DO NOT show up to the church office unless you have an appointment.
  • DO NOT call for rental of space. This is on hold until further notice.

Learn more about our Reopening Plan