God inspires through young people. We also know young people thrive when they are not left alone but when mentors and meaningful community come alongside them. And for our children and teenagers especially, First Church knows that our youth thrive best when the church comes alongside their parents and caregivers in nurturing faith.

At First Church, our youngest children are given the opportunity to wonder in a safe, fun environment as they encounter the Biblical stories for the first time. Our teenagers have danced, sang, and even preached in worship, and that’s when they’re not in their own youth worship experience. At First Church, our young adults just a few years out of college are given the opportunity to literally build an entrepreneurial venture through the Twenty Thirty Dream Hub. Check these programs out and more in our offerings below.

During the city’s time on a COVID-19 pause, we have suspended in-person activities. We have been active online, however, and we plan on continue to balance both in-person and virtual activity as we navigate this new world we find ourselves in, ever striving to helping young people explore.


Every Other Friday at 6:30pm 
Pre-K through High School

At LOGOS, we don’t just read the Bible for a few minutes and go. LOGOS is a holistic experience for all youth who participate, and intentionally exceptionally affordable – $25 per semester, with scholarships still available. Every week:
  1. Young people are trained in different “worship arts” skills, step dance, traditional dance, drawing, painting, and crafts, which then culminate in Youth Sunday presentations where young people can express their God given talents.
  2. A professionally trained music director leads them in choir practice in different genres, including contemporary worship, gospel, traditional, and more.
  3. We have a “family dinner” with a full, volunteer-cooked meal and multi-generational activity.
  4. We have recreation after a long day of school in our church gymnasium.
  5. We have relevant Bible teaching that connects with youth culture while teaching values, morals, and spirituality that will help youth develop into leaders in their community.
To register, please contact Reverend Marquis russellm@firstchurchjamaica.org.


We are hosting multiple online meetings for young people.

, Every Saturday at 11 am: 5th Grade and Under.
LOGOS Junior HYPE, varies: Middle School.
LOGOS HYPE, Every Friday at 6pm: High Schoolers.

Contact Reverend Marquis for Zoom information (we don’t post for security reasons), russellm@firstchurchjamaica.org.


10am during worship 
Children can always stay in the sanctuary, but we have child-centered options for all ages.
Infant and Toddler:

At the entrance, ushers can direct you to the Fellowship Hall, where we have a Young Children’s Corner with toys and activities, as well as TVs broadcasting the service.

PreK thru Fifth Grade:
At the 10am Worship Service, we have Sunday Kids Church, with singing, bible stories and crafts.  Teachers escort the kids to the Magill Hall-Sewing Room after Children’s Corner. Parents pick up the children after worship.

Middle Schoolers:
At the 10am Worship Service, we have Sunday Junior HYPE, with games and middle schooler centered discussion on the bible. In Magill Hall-Library after Children’s Corner.

High Schoolers:
Once a month, we have a HYPE Underground Service in Magill Hall for middle and high school students, during the 10am hour.

If you have any questions, ask the ushers by the entrance or contact Reverend Marquis or Kiarra McFarlane hypeyouthministry@firstchurchjamaica.org.


Our goal for middle and high schoolers is to provide a space where we can Help Young People Explore (H.Y.P.E.) their identity, gifting and purpose in Jesus Christ. Young participate in preteen and teen-centered Bible talks at LOGOS weekly, a once-a-month HYPE Underground worship experience, afterschool basketball, step and choir teams, workshops to help prepare for college, and other activities.

Many of our activities are on hiatus during NY PAUSE, see LOGOS Online above.

Follow HYPE Youth Ministry on Instagram @hypefpcj


Girl and Boy Scouts of America is a great way to get your child involved in a program that is not only community wide, but global! Your child could benefit from all the wonderful opportunities that Scouts offer. Please don’t let another year pass by without getting your child and yourself connected to this life-changing program.

Contact Gwen Bradley at gscopio16@aol.com.


The sacrament of Baptism is the moment of initiation into Christian life. In Confirmation, Young people 7th grade and above are invited to own their Christian faith for themselves. Learn about the foundations of our faith during sessions on Sundays through the first half of the year. There will be a Confirmation ceremony during worship in June.

For more information, contact Panya Wright pwright@firstchurchjamaica.org.


First Church offers college students the opportunity to apply for our Incentive Grant and Service Scholarship every year, which would help pay for extra expenses like books and other needs. We want college students reach their highest potential in their studies and to help others along their journey. Scholarships and Grants will be awarded to those students who embrace and achieve these efforts.


Our mission is to help young adults in their 20s and 30s find purpose and community.

HYPE Talk Live Chats:
We gather our young adult leaders to discuss faith, culture, and life.

Game Nights: (on hiatus during NY PAUSE)
After a long week of work, meet young adults, play board games, grab some pizza and snacks, and relax.

Twenty Thirty Dream Hub:
See below.
HYPE Talk Live Chats:
We gather our young adult leaders to discuss faith, culture, and life.

Launching Soon!

Twenty Thirty Dream Hub will be a center for 20-somethings and 30-somethings in the Jamaica, Queens area to be empowered in their careers and pursuits. Adulting is better when you adult together, so we host “Adulting 101” workshops on topics such as financial literacy, small business development, setting goals, and other essential life skills.

The centerpiece will be a co-working space specifically for young adults entrepreneurs and innovators making entrepreneurship more accessible in Jamaica & Southeast Queens.

For young adults, by young adults, Queens-grown.

Learn More